apu hrmt200 Project 2: Training Programs

| October 22, 2018

Assignment InstructionsThe Hotel Paris Case:As a long time HR professional, Lisa Martin was well aware of the importance of effective employee recruitment. If the Hotel Paris didn’t get enough applicants, it could not be selective about who to hire. And, if it could not be selective about who to hire, it wasn’t likely that the hotels would enjoy the customer-orientated employee behaviors that the company’s strategy relied on. She was therefore disappointed to discover that the Hotel Paris was paying virtually no attention to the job of recruiting prospective employees. Individual hotel manager’s slapped together help wanted ads when they had positions to fill and no on e in the chain had any measurable idea of how many recruits these ads were producing, or which recruiting approaches worked the best (or worked at all). Lisa knew that it was time to step back and get control of the Hotel Paris’s recruitment function.As they reviewed the details of the Hotel Paris’s current recruitment practices, Lisa and the firm’s CFO became increasingly concerned. What they found basically was that the recruitment function was unmanaged, totally. The previous HR director had simply allowed the responsibility for recruiting to remain with each separate hotel, and the hotels managers, not human resources professionals, usually took the path of least resistance when a job became available, such as placing help-wanted ads in their local papers. There was no sense of direction from the hotel Paris’s headquarters regarding what sorts of applications the company preferred, what media and alternative sources of recruits its manager should use, no online recruiting, and no measurement at all of recruitment process effectiveness. The company ignored recruitment source metrics that other firms used effectively, such as number of qualified applicants per position, percentage of jobs filled from within, the offer to acceptance ratio, acceptance by recruiting source, turnover by recruiting source, and selection test results by recruiting source.It was safe to say that achieving the hotel Paris’s strategic aims dependent on the quality of the people that it attracted to and then selected for employment at the firm. What we want employees who will put our guest first, who will use initiative to see that our guests are satisfied, and who will work tirelessly to provide our guest for services that exceed their expectations, said the CFO. Lisa and the CFO both knew this process had to start with better recruiting. The CFO gave her the green light to design a new recruitment process.Questions: Given the hotels stated employee preferences, what recruiting sources would you suggest they use, and why?What would a hotel Paris help-wanted ad look like?How would you suggest they measure the effectiveness of their recruiting efforts?Write your answers in essay format. Be sure to write in APA style formatting. Your paper should be between 2-4 pages. Use a title and reference page. Use.campusguides.com/content.php?pid=205954&sid=3202561#11507859″>APA style guidelines for all references, both on the reference page and within the document..apus.edu/access/content/group/management-common/Management/MGMT314/Paper-Rubric.doc”>Written Paper Rubric

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