| May 27, 2018

You have been appointed security director of a privately owned three (3) location retail sales establishment that specializes in automotive parts and accessories.  All three (3) sales establishments are within a forty mile radius in a southern state.  Products sold in these stores include auto engine parts, auto fluids, auto batteries, auto accessories (floor mats, shinny things, hubcaps, etc.), auto filters, and auto electronics, as well as candy bars and automotive publications.  All three (3) locations are stand alone stores on owner owned property. You have been tasked to develop a single comprehensive security and loss prevention plan applicable to all three (3) stores.  This plan is expected to include, but is not limited to, loss prevention, applicant screening, internal threats and countermeasures, external threats and countermeasures, security systems, internal investigations, law enforcement investigations, fraud prevention, risk management, emergency management and safety in the workplace.  You are to write about applicant screening and the legal aspects of hiring and maintaining talents.  Submit in narrative form and while adhering to APA format, a MINIMUM 3000 WORD paper that describes how that topic will be applied to the scenario listed above. It is understood that your “piece” submitted for this assignment is just one component in the greater comprehensive plan for these stores.  If information you need to complete your “piece” was not provided in the above scenario, you may make reasonable assumptions and proceed with your work based on those assumptions.  It is expected that you will incorporate these assumptions in your work so that I may understand certain aspects of your “piece”.ABSOLUTELY NO PLAGIARISM NOT EVEN 5%, DO NOT USE I, WE , US, ME, YOU. APA FORMAT WITH MINIMUM OF 5 SCHOLARLY REFERENCES, do not use .com, .net. ONLY VERIFIABLE REFERENCES, ONE OF THE REFERENCES MUST BE THE SOURCE PROVIDED IN THE ATTACHMENTS(PUPURA). THERE WILL BE NO SECOND CHANCES, FAILURE TO FOLLOW DIRECTIONS OR PLAGIARIZED WOULD RESULT IN A DISPUTE!

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