Answer the Following questions

| November 9, 2018

Part1: Through the use of strategic alternatives,
companies may compete in a marketplace, achieve its vision, or if no
vision has been articulated, decide where it might go and what it might
achieve. Strategic alternatives do not consist solely of strategies, but
rather bundles. Explain what elements comprise strategic-alternative
bundles and why creating more than a few bundles is extraordinary
difficult. Describe the six criteria that strategic-alternative bundles
should meet and discuss why it is essential that good bundles have
addressed all of the key strategic issues.
Part2: Due to the changing environment and external triggers,
contingency planning is necessary. What qualities make a future issue a
“trigger”? Consider you are on the strategic planning team for a soft
drink company. Here is your company’s future trigger: “merger of our two
major competitors next year”. Formulate the three-part
trigger/contingency pair. Discuss the three guidelines that good
contingency plans should follow.

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