Answer the following 4 questions of Tata case.

| October 3, 2018

Answer the following 4 questions of Tata case.1.Clearly identify KEY TRENDS with in a specific industry.2.Porter’s 5 forces model and its application, based on the given case.3.Based on strategic marketing theory, make specific recommendations.4. The importance of implementation of specific marketing strategies, in specific case.As a general guide of 2 – 3 pages is recommended as a minimum for each question BUT you should write as much or as little as you need to answer the questions.Although diagrams, analytical modelling and calculations may help to support your answer, this will not be a key focus of the questions. Point form is acceptable, however should NOT make up your whole answer.Some final hints:· Make your answer as examiner friendly as possible.· Underline key words.· Read the question VERY carefully.· Ensure that you ANSWER the actual question.

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