Analyzing the short story “A Rose for Emily.”

| March 14, 2016

Analyzing the short story “A Rose for Emily.”
The author of the short story was William Faulkner he develops his tale from an old lady by the name Emily who resided in Jefferson town. The tale revolves around many things that occur in the city. The story also revolves around different generations of men and women in the city. In the story, we learn more about the life of Emily and her family members the story starts with the death of Emily.
The author narrates that for the last ten years, no one had ever entered her house expect the house, girl. This poses a shadow of doubt on the personality of Emily. However, we later learn that Emily had some close ties with the township, and they decided to relieve her from paying taxes. Old age was the main reason why she was relieved from the tax burden. Intergenerational conflicts can be seen between the old and the young people in the society. The younger people feel dissatisfied by the decision of lifting taxes from Emily, and they tried to convenience her to pay.
The narrator tells of the foul smell that comes from Emily’s house. They city officials could not approach Emily and ask her about the source of the bad smell. They only applied some chemicals so as to eliminate the unpleasant smell. This shows negligence and lack of commitment among the city officials. The residents of the city agonize with Emily after the death of her father. The father left a good house for her, but she had no finances. Everybody thought that Miss Emily was a good person because of her age.
Emily grows old, and the town also grows. Emily lived in a luxurious estate in the town of Jefferson, and she had a good life. The theme of decay can be seen clearly in this story. Emily role in the play is symbolical on the decay that occurs in the state. The city upheld a remarkably high degree of respect to the Emily’s family. The whole township saw the members of Emily’s family as the best people in the whole city of Jefferson. The characters of Emily make people see her in a different way. The due respect accorded to her erodes slowly because of her behaviors.
Emily was seen as a monument of the past as she advanced in age. The house she lived in also became old and the beauty that it had finally faded. The house lacked proper Maintenance at it smelled terrible. The narrator presents Emily as a beautiful lady in the whole city of Jefferson, but she later grows old and her beauty fades.
The private life of Emily raises suspicions that she was hiding something. The morals of Emily are seen to be decaying a lot, and she had confusion about what was right or wrong. Her decayed brain can be strongly associated with her inhumane act of poisoning her lover Mr. Barron. Emily does not dispose the body, and she leaves it to decompose in a bed. Everybody gets a rude shock after realizing the inhumane act of Emily.
The theme of decay presents itself Cleary in the whole of this story. Everything fades away and changes with age. The town grows old the houses fades Emily brain also fades with age. This story presents an interesting story full about how things grow old and lose their beauty.

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