Analyzing Leadership Decisions

| September 2, 2016

Your Project will be a narrated PowerPoint presentation giving an analysis of an ineffective or poor leadership decision. You can use a well-known leadership decision such as the 2011 decision to split Netflix, which resulted in serious financial losses for the organization, or you can use another example that you are aware of. If possible, select a decision made by the leadership of a Middle Eastern organization, or that impacted the Middle East in a significant way.

Your project must include the following:
•Research a leadership decision that was ineffective or did not lead to desired results.
•Evaluate the leadership decision including why and how it was made.
•Include the problem that may have precipitated the decision as well as the process the leaders involved in the decision-making process appeared to follow.
•Critique this process and recommend changes using theories and methodologies from this course.
•Present a strong case for how your recommendations could have altered the decision that was made and led to a more effective result for the organization.
•It must be evident in your project in both your notes and your narration that you are using theory from this course to support your evaluation, critique and recommendations.

Your presentation should be 9-11 slides (NOT including the title and research references slides) with notes and narration to support the content on your slides. You should use at least three credible outside sources to support your work, and all citations must be formatted according to University academic writing standards and APA style guidelines.

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