Analytical comments to the interviewees

| June 14, 2018

You may conduct the interviews on your own or as a group. Follow these guidelines to conduct the interviews:As an ethnographer, remain ethical during the interviews.Inform the interviewees about what you intend to do with their responses and about your resolve to protect their anonymity.Avoid asking questions with yes or no as answers. The point of the interviews is to get your interviewees to talk extensively.Tape-record the interviews and, later, transcribe them.Perform the following tasks on your own or as a group, depending on how you conducted the interviews:Note five excerpts from the interviews.Provide analytical comments to the interviewees’ responses. Your comments should include answers to the following questions:What are the interviewees’ views about good IS design?What are their goals for establishing IS?How do the interviewees’ perspectives match or contradict the theories and issues you have learned so far?How does their experience map to the theories you studied?Do the lessons learned go beyond the theories?Do you feel that some of the theories and notions presented in the course were confirmed or rejected by your research?What instances helped you arrive at these conclusions?

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