Analysis Paper on S. 524: Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act of 2016

| August 31, 2017

Analysis Paper on S. 524: Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act of 2016
Write a paper, approximately 8-10 pages in length, double-spaced. Correct APA style (title page, an abstract, and a reference page). Clearly divided into the sections outlined in the assignment (include shortened, one or two word, headings. Include a minimum of 6 references.

S. 524: Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act of 2016

1.In your own words, describe the proposed or current legislation.

?Clearly identify proposed legislation by name and number. Is legislation being proposed at federal or state level?

?What is this legislation supposed to do? (What are the explicit and implicit goals?)

?What values are expressed by this proposal? Distinguish between those that are clearly stated and those that are implied.

?What are the financial effects, if any? Is this realistic? Who will be responsible to pay for this? Who is the sponsor?

2.Who does this proposal effect? How? Be specific.

?Does it affect persons of color, class, and gender differently? In what way(s)?

3.Explain and discuss social conditions surrounding this proposal. (Why is/was such legislation being considered? Why is it an issue?) Note: Statistics are a good addition to this section.

?Economic, political, technological, and social factors

4.Identify and discuss any possible historical links you see regarding previous public policy in the United States.

?Does this legislation have any previous history in this governing body (i.e. has it been introduced before? Is your legislation an amendment to previously enacted law?)

5.Identify two players who have/would support this proposal.

?Who is the sponsor of this bill/proposal?

?Who are they? What political party do they represent (Democrat, Republican, etc.)?

?Identify their positions on this proposal.

?Identify arguments each player would use to support their position.

?At least one brief quote is required.

?Who is the sponsor of this bill/proposal?

6.Identify two players who have/would oppose this proposal.

?Who are they? Who do they represent?

?Identify their positions on this proposal.

?Identify arguments each player would use to support their position.

?At least one brief quote is required.

7.Social Justice: Is this a social justice issue?

?Is this a fair policy?

?What value(s) are supported by this proposal and how do they fit with the conceptions of social justice? Discuss.

8.Questions for further thought.

?Include your own impressions in this section. Note: Keep in mind that this is a research paper. Avoid the use of first person narrative throughout the paper. This is the only section of this paper where your personal opinion is appropriate.

Scoring Guide

Title Page (1-2.5 points)
Running head: Title – Page number

Title – Name – School Affiliation

Abstract (0-2 points)
Abstract should tell me what your paper is about, it is not meant to be an introduction, it is an overview of the paper. After a brief sentence or two, you should tell me what your paper is about. For example, “This paper will describe the legislation, discuss the affect of this legislation, explore support and opposition, and….” See APA Manual Section 2.04.

Content (1-25 points; 8 sections @ 3 points each)
Note: Failure to include headings will result in an automatic 5 point reduction of points.

Proposed or current legislation
Who will this proposal effect? How?
Social conditions –
Historical links –
a. Key players – support – sponsor?
Key players – oppose
Social justice/likelihood of collective action
Questions for further thought
Note: This is the only section of the paper where it is appropriate to reflect an opinion.

APA Citations – (0- 3.5 points)
The basic format for an in-text citation is:

(Author, year, page or paragraph number). Note: Page/paragraph number is only needed if a direct quote. The period should follow the citation, unless it is a block quote.

Cross-listing (0-2 points)
Internal references should be cited by author and cross- listed in the reference section for easy referral. Nothing should be cited in the paper that is not also listed on the reference page and there should be no references listed on the reference page that are not cited in the paper.

References (0- 3.5 points)
Basic Format:

Author, I. (year). Title of Article or work. Title of website, book, or journal. Retrieved from URL.

Please note – Frequently when using electronic resources, an author is not listed, in these instances the website host that sponsors the site is often the author – for example: Social Security Administration, Children’s Defense Fund, Library of Congress, White House, etc.

See APA Manual Chapter 7 for more specific examples.

Are the references in alphabetical order?
Are there at least 6 references?
Hanging indent?
Length of 8-10 pages text (1- 2.5 points)

Are page headers correct and pages numbered? (0-1 point of total for this section)
Are there at least 5 full pages of text (8-10 total)?
12-point font and double-spaced throughout paper?

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