Analysis of audi commercial

| February 8, 2016

Analysis of audi commercial
What is an Analysis?
An analysis is “an argument in which you study the parts of something to understand how it works, what it means,
or why it might be significant…us[ing] an analytical tool: a
on the basis of which an object, an
event, or a behavior can be divided into parts and examined” (Behrens and Rosen 178). It is an application of ideas
found in one source to explain the ideas found in a second source.
Like a critique, it is built on you
r critical examination of your source, its assertions, its evidence, and its logic. It fits
its purpose, occasion, subject, and audience (college
educated adults), relates to a thesis that you develop,
contains well
chosen textual support (quotes, summari
es, and paraphrases), and includes a “Works Cited” page.
Your analysis will be evaluated on how well you develop, state and maintain a thesis applying the analytical tool to
the second work, how clearly you establish your main points of analysis that supp
ort your thesis, how you
systematically organize, develop, and present your essay, and how well you maintain the focus on the ideas
presented in the source and on your analysis of them.
The Assignment
Using the method laid out by Behrens and Rosen in chap
ter 5 of
and further discussed in my PowerPoint, you
will make an analysis of
an advertisement in any medium (magazine, newspaper, television commercial), as long as
you can supply me with a copy of or link to it. To accomplish the analysis you will u
se as the analytical tool(s) at
least one of several articles I have posted at the Analysis assignment page.
Here are the general parts/elements of an analysis that should be apparent in your essay:

Introduction/statement of the essay’s subject and purpos

A clear analytical thesis that controls the essay

Clear topic sentences that support the thesis

chosen textual support

Thorough application of the analytical tool

Logical organization

Effective transitions

A solid conclusion

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