An Automobile wheel and tire (disk)

| October 14, 2019

An Automobile wheel and tire (disk) having a diameter of 93.7 cm and a mass of 43.9 kg is bolted to a test machine. The center of the tire is 3.50 m above a level concrete floor. An unbalanced force of 3687 N is applied for 16.7 s at a point 6.58 cm from the center of the tire. There are 191.5 NM of torque due to friction in the test machine that one must ocercome to accelerate the wheel and tire. The center of gravity of a 47.6 g stone lodged in the tread of teh tire is 46.8 cm from the center of teh tire. The force of friction between the stone and tread is 398.34 N. Assume no air friction is present in this problem. Two seconds after the stone releases from the tire, it makes a perfectly inelastic collision with a 29.7 g glob of waz that is at the maximum height of a vertical projection. What is the velocity of the masses after the collision? What percent of Kenetic energy is lost in this collision? The stone is located at teh very bottom (BDC) of the tire prior to teh application of the force.

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