An article is not a chapter review, it is not a web based advertisement for an organization

| March 29, 2017

Current Event / Article Analysis

This paper should be about 3-4 or so pages in length if done individually or in groups of up to 3 [if groups of 3 requirementis ~5 pages, if done in pairs then ~4 pages]. I will look at depth of discussion to determine whether what is presented is adequate.

Requirement: Find / research and write about an article dealing with an issue with direct and explicit relevance to this subject and program.

An article is not a chapter review, it is not a web based advertisement for an organization that does “management stuff”, or the like. The article must have some academic credibility and be related to OB.

Select an article [from either a paper or electronic/internet based source] NOT FROM A JOURNAL ARTICLE but rather from the media [like a newspaper -Globe and Mail, National Post, New York Times, or credible magazine -The Economist, New York Times, Canadian Business, Report on Business]. Check the holdings at the Library.

DO NOT USE any same article you use for the Research Assignment.

Your paper must have 3 sections [as a minimum, with clearly identified heading and subheadings, as necessary]:

1. Describe: Identify the source/article and provide a summary [in your words] of the article explaining what is discussed and the purpose of the Article.

2. Analyze: Theory part – what part of the course and theories/ concepts are most related and applicable to the article and why and how.

3. Reflect: Your general analysis of what the article says against what the theory says – your interpretation and critique, how you could use this information, what needs exploration, etc…

General Information regarding Assignments

– must be submitted fully and properly assembled, in “hard copy” format

– assignments cannot be accepted via email;

– double spaced, word processed, pages electronically numbered;

– standard font (12 pt – arial / univers or times roman or equivalent);

– in good English form, appropriate for College level, Business School work;

– on white 8 ½ x 11 paper, assembled with only a white cover sheet stapled top left, noting: College, Course name and section number, professor’s name, date submitted, assignment title, name and student number of contributing group members, – if a group member does not contribute to an assignment, his/her name should not be included;

– organize your written material appropriately – use logical sections, heading, subheadings, etc..

Citations: Make sure you cite [APA style] properly. If you are not sure how to do this, go to the writing lab or library, review College policy on Academic Honesty / Plagiarism, and/or search the internet,

– get assistance – you can lose significant grades if you do not do this properly.

You are responsible for knowing and adhering to the Academic Honesty policy of the College.

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