Allied MAT120 module 2 to module 8 discussion

| August 30, 2017

module 3

Find examples of where Quadratic Equations are used in everyday life and applications. If you find an example in the book, tell us the page. If you find an example online, please provide the link.

mod 4

Identify and discuss a real world application of graphing and the rectangular coordinate system. You may need to search the web for references. Cite any website that you use.

mod 5

Give an example of a relation that you see in your everyday life. Is this relation a function?

mod 6

The Proctor Form for the Final Exam is due this week. Please post below confirming that you are completing and submitting this form by the end of the week.

mod 7

Exponential and logarithmic functions are used in a variety of applications. Why do you believe that it important to study and understand a wide variety of functions and their graphs? Why do we classify functions and give them different names?

mod 8

Which method of solving a System of Linear Equations do you prefer and why? You may prefer a different method depending on the system.

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