allied bio170 module 1 and mod 2 discussions

| June 7, 2016

week 1

Welcome to the Discussion Board!Important: Please review the link to Netiquette Rules used for the class-

For your resource the LIRN code is: 60221 for AAU library.

Good video to watch regarding plagiarism. –Me Plagiarize?


1. After viewing the “Me Plagiarize” video, what are two items you learned that will help you succeed in the class?

From the Lecture please answer in two sentences minimum;

2. What is metabolism and it’s impact on health?

Points includes following netiquetterules= initial post up to 10 points, two substantial replies (one to two complete sentences)=10, points for references/citations =5 For full credit in addition to the initial response, be sure to reply to two classmate’s responses by day 7 of the module.

Please review the following guidelines for maximum discussion points and let me know if you have any questions. Thank you.

All writing should be in your own words, and you have properly cited and listed any sources you paraphrased. If you quote more than three words in a row from any of your sources, the quotes are in quotation marks and the sources are properly cited with the author, year of publication, paragraph or page number and listed as references, following APA format guidelines.

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