All text MUST be in own words–

| September 4, 2019

All text MUST be in own words—-please write in High school level like “The reflection paper is about what happened during class. When it started, the teacher asked if we read the article that is called What Students Really Need to Hear. Some of us gave a summary or view that in general a teacher cares for his students as he encourages them to work harder to have a successful life, instead of quitting class. It means to me a lot since it’s related to the internship which makes it serious work and will show a good impression on the person’s resume. The internship helps people learn how to work in the right way. The Workforce Recruitment Program or WRP works on proving all the companies that college deaf students can work with their abilities and many of them get job opportunities throughout WRP. A network and technology may be powerful because it helps us connect with other companies which helps us get a job any place over the world, although a brownie is to tend to follow other people instead of your own opinion, it might make people in a work place to be honored and trusted as a good team. I am concerned about the brownie. It may not be a good idea–I don’t like it because I believe in my peaceful opinion so that we can discuss to solve a problem.” Research Paper: Living in a Media World To write a research paper, you will begin with an outline that you will expand with information about how mass communication shapes and influences society and us. What is mass communication? What kinds of mass communication systems are included in the digital age? NOTE: To keep everyone on track, the student will turn in his or her paper with title and outline with a look at mass media through the lens of culture and technology. The instructor must approve the title and outline. Topic is Newspaper……. Explain how it came out, where it came from, when it came, whom idea, and etc. Your thesis A good thesis explains in one line why the paper is important. The final sentences explain the major implications of your work. A good abstract is concise, readable, and quantitative. • Length should be ~ 1 – 2 paragraphs, approx. 400 words. • The thesis generally does not have citations. • Information in the title should not be repeated. • Be explicit. • Answers to these questions should be found in the abstract: 1. What is mass communication? What kind of mass communication system is included in the digital age? 2. Why are you doing it? What question are you trying to explore? 3. Why does it matter? Point out at least one significant implication. Outline • The introduction should focus on the thesis. Also, state the subject of your paper and the areas you will focus on. • The body should be divided into main topics. • Each main topic should be divided into subtopics which support it. • You should list key points you want to cover for each subtopic. • You may have further details for the key points. • Your conclusion should briefly sum up your main topic. • • • • • • Double-space the text of student’s paper, and use a legible font (e.g. Times New Roman or Calibri). The font size should be 12pt. Margins should be set to 1″ on the top, bottom, left, and right. In the upper-left corner of the first page must include the student’s full name, the instructor’s full name, the COM course number, section, the European date (Day Month Year), and title of the research paper. For in-text citation: MLA guidelines require that the credit must be given for all information whether it is a direct quote or paraphrase. Samples of an outline of an MLA paper and a Research paper layout are posted on Blackboard. Last name 1 Print Advertisement THESIS Print advertisements have been around since the beginning. Men and Women are portrayed differently in advertisements. Print advertisements such as billboards, newspapers, and magazines have changed over time, but has the image of women and men roles changed as well? Which form of advertisements has improved and which has not? Billboards are useful, and almost every human being in United States of America has seen a billboard; therefore, the message they send has to be carefully observed. A. Women are shown near nude everyday on billboards. B. Calvin Klein provided a “QR” code where the public can see the advertisement uncensored. C. Billboards came from hand painted to “smartboards.” Newspapers have been a very significant form of news, and it comes with advertisements that do not always portray a positive image of women. A. The New York Tribute refused to allow birth control ads. B. Work ads on newspapers were printed with “Males Only” so women could not apply. C. Percentage of females as sex objects decreased in 1963 from 29.07 percent to 16.05 percent in 1993. Last name 2 Magazines are a big company where different advertisements are print everyday. A. Advertisements in Maxim and Cosmopolitan differ from each other due to their targeted audience and tend to include more sex appeal than neutral gender magazines. B. Women were mostly respected in Good Housekeeping magazines. C. In the 1920s, the flapper girl began to appear in magazines sending out the message of financially independent women. …
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