Alaska Anch COURSE ACCT 122, Spring 2014 HR EXAM 2-Which of the following components is part of the Labor Market..

| November 24, 2016

Which of the following components is part of the Labor Market?

a) Applicant population

b) Applicant pool

c) Both a) and b)

d) Only a)

__________________Interview designed to create anxiety and put pressure on applicants to see how they respond.

a) Panel interview

b) Team interview

c) Stress interview

d) Both a) and b)

Training can be evaluated at four levels. Which of the following has a high organization value but maybe difficult to measure?

a) Behavior

b) Learning

c) Reaction

d) Results

Effective HR development consists of three types of development approaches. Which is NOT a Job-Site Approach?

a) Coaching

b) Committees

c) Job rotation

d) Outdoor training

1. What work relationships would affect employee retention?

A. Supervisory relationship

B. Management relationship

C. Coworker relationship

D. All of the above

2. What are the advantages of external recruiting?

A. The firm may not self someone who will fit well with the job and the organization

B. The process may cause morale problems for internal candidates not selected

C. New hires may bring new industry insights and expertise

D. New employees may require longer adjustment periods

3. An organization should retain all applications and hiring-related documents and records for how many years?

A. 5 years

B. 3 years

C. 1 year

D. 10 years

4. What is a form of training that occurs through interactions and feedback among employees?

A. Informal training

B. On-the-job- training

C. Internal training

D. External training

5. Which of the following individual career choices is known as when a person can “see” themselves in and avoid those that do not fit with their perceptions of their talents, motives, and values?

A. Interest

B. Self-image

C. Personality

D. Social backgrounds

Which is “NOT” a driver of retention?

1) Rewards: Compensation, Benefits and performance

2) Job and Work-Life

3) Better Job offer

4) Career Training and Development

The “Comparison of the number of applicants at one stage of the recruiting process w/ the number at the next stage” is the?

1) Selection Rate

2) Acceptance Rate

3) Success Base Rate

4) Yield Ratio

The employment function in any organization may be concerned w/ some of the following activities except?

1) Receiving applications

2) Conducting background investigations

3) Hiring and firing the employee

4) Interviewing the applicants

Effective training efforts consider the following questions except?

1) Is the person trainable?

2) Who needs to be trained?

3) Who will do the training?

4) How will the training be evaluated?

Entry Shock includes the following except?

1) Supervisors

2) Feedback

3) Workplace Harassment

4) The Work

Which of the following terms describes the process in which employees leave an organization and have to be replaced? (Chapter 5, page 159)


Leave of absence



___________ is the process of generating a pool of qualified applicants for organizational jobs through a series of activities. (chapter 6, page 178)

Labor markets

Application pool


Internet Job Boards

What are the two approaches for combining predictors? (chapter 7, page 218)

Multiple hurdles/compensatory approach

Inputs/outputs approach

Progress/ achievement approach

Effort/ outcome approach

What is another term for job rotation? (chapter8, page 269)

Work enrichment

Job sharing

Cross training

Job enhancement

What are the four general individual characteristics affect how people make career choices? (Chapter 9, page 296)

Interests, self-image, personality and social background.

Self-exposure, self-concept confirmation, social comparison and self-disclosure.

Conformity, social validation, compliance and obedience.

Persuasion, social influence, brainwashing and social facilitation.

What is forecasting?

Using information from the past and the present to identify expected future conditions.

Being able to change the past on what you see today

Falsifying documents to better current financial standpoint

Using prewritten documents through excel.

What are the advantages of external recruiting?

Firm may not select someone who will fit well with the job

Process may cause morale problems for internal candidates

New employees may require longer adjustment periods

New hires may bring new industry insights and expertise

What percentage of hiring managers are using Facebook and/or social media?





Job rotation is training people to do more than one job, what is another term for this?

Cross training



Being productive

What is a sabbatical?

Time to do nothing

Time off the job to develop and rejuvenate oneself

Training to do a job better

A workout for your biceps

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