Affordable care Act

| November 29, 2016

Question 1

Based on what you have learned about the ACA, how do you think this legislation will affect access, quality, and cost regarding health care in the United States? Use at least one source to support your thesis.


In a post, compare health care policies and outcomes in two countries with regard to equity, access, affordability, and social justice.

The following resources may assist you in participating in this discussion.

National Library of Medicine country reviews—The abstracts may help you learn about the health care system in each country.

World Health Organization (WHO) website—You can access information about health care in a country by clicking that country.

“Healthcare Systems around the World”—this is a Global Health article.

You are welcome to use other academic sources to assist you in this discussion.

Question 3

How does aging influence calcium status? Is the effect different in men and women? Explain.

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