Adaptability Skills Report

| February 12, 2016

Adaptability Skills Report
Report Structure on Personal adaptability Skills and the how they have been used and developed through working experience.

Adaptability here being broadly defined as:-
The ability to operate effectively at all organisational levels and to
demonstrate flexibility with consequent changing and conflicting agendas.
The ability to prioritise and to change priorities, based on logical reasoning
and the needs of the business/situation. Being able to manage multiple
tasks over a period of time.

You are now
required to establish a definition for adaptability and generate your own list
of sub-skill areas. These will specifically relate to what you have identified will
contribute to the overall effectiveness of an individual’s adaptability skills base.
You also have to define the sub-skill areas in the context of your work
organisation and personal development considerations. In doing this, you will
draw upon relevant competency framework(s) etc to assist in this process.

This generic skills heading consists of many sub-skills, all of which individually
make a significant contribution to the overall effectiveness of an individual’s
degree of adaptability. As mentioned, above, for this work period you are
required to decide which sub-skills contribute to this generic skill area and define
both the overall area of adaptability and the sub-skills within. As such, you must
critically evaluate the above definition as it is merely provided as an initial
guide/prompt for your thinking about adaptability in general and you must relate
and ground your chosen definition (and the sub-skills) to you own development,
work, organisation etc.

Firstly, you need to generate a list of sub-skills that you consider influence your
overall adaptability effectiveness.
Secondly, you need to define each of the sub-skills.
Thirdly, you then rate your perceived current level of effectiveness of the three skills chosen on my work both academic and professional
Fourthly, state the key reasons for your rating/sub-skill evaluation.

You need to choose 3 sub-skill areas to focus your development efforts on during
the third work period. Complete Table 2.1 (attached document), summarising the 3 Sub-Skills you have chosen.

again you are required to produce a written report which provides your
reflection on the level of development achieved during the work period.
Produce a written report which documents your selection of, reflection on, and
critical evaluation of, the extent of development achieved during work period 3
against each of the 3 agreed sub-skill areas.

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