Adams State University BUS 304 Discussion Questions 2015

| June 3, 2016

Module 1 Discussion Question

After watching “Strategic Planning and the Marketing Process at Recycline”, Do you consider Recycline’s strategy for the Preserve brand a first mover or a second mover strategy? Explain. Perform a SWOT analysis on Recycline and identify their core competency and their weaknesses in the marketplace.

Module 2 Discussion Question

After watching the video “E-Business at Evo”, aside from offering good prices, how does offer value to the consumer? Evo has opened a large brick-and-mortar store/community art space in Seattle, Washington. Go to to learn more about what the store offers. Do you think this store will distract or enhance the Web site? Consider potential channel conflicts, pricing strategy, convenience, and consumer behavior in your answer.

Module 3 Discussion Question

After watching the video “Global Marketing at Evo”, Why doesn’t Evo need to tailor its marketing to different countries? Do you agree with their decision to present one marketing message? Why or why not? What challenges do U.S. e-commerce companies face when selling their products overseas? Do you believe brands have the right to limit a company’s right to sell internationally?

Module 4 Discussion Question

After watching the video “Relationship Marketing and CRM at Numi Tea”, how do marketing activities such as gift with purchase, samples by mail, and product community blogs impact your purchasing decisions and loyalty? What was the last product you purchased because of sampling? Do you consider Numi’s relationships with its producers as important to their marketing as the relationship with its customers?

Module 5 Discussion Question

After Watching the video “Product and Service Strategy at Recycline”, why is the development of an entire product line critical to Recycline’s growth and success? At which stage are most “green” products in the product life-cycle? As these products mature, what can be done to extend their product lifecycles?

Module 6 Discussion Question

After watching the video “Marketing Channels and Supply Chain Management at Recycline”, as Recycline makes more headway into the larger retail chains, what challenges will it face? What type of marketing channel would be the best to support Recycline’s growth over the next five years?

Module 7 Discussion Question

After watching the video “Personal Selling and Sales promotion at Scholfield Honda”, How important is sales force management in Scholfield Honda’s overall success? Why? Which step in the sales process is most important in a consumer’s decision to purchase a car? Why?

Module 8 Discussion Question

After watching the video “Pricing Strategy at Standard Renewable Energy”, how does John Miggins quote prices for SRE’s solar systems? How does SRE engage in psychological pricing?

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