Activity #5: Dysfunctional to Functional

| September 29, 2018

Activity #5: Dysfunctional to

For the activity
this week, you will be asked to read pages 89-114 in The Five Dysfunctions
of a Teamand “The Skunk Works”
from Organizing Genius.

In the Five
Dysfunctions of a Team, you have been reading about a team in crisis.Kathryn is brought in as the fearless leader
in this fable. She is tasked with trying to get this dysfunctional team,
functional. In doing so, Kathryn has the team members complete the Myers-Briggs
Type Indicator (MBTI) assessment. The MBTI assessment is used as a way of
uniting the team by having them discuss the similarities and differences in
their styles. It is the foundation on which the members begin to understand one
another in different ways.
According to Patrick Lencioni, a dysfunctional team is built on an unstable foundation. It begins with the
absence of trust, which undermines the team’s ability to engage in constructive
conflict. As Kathryn argues, without trust a group cannot engage in open, constructive,
ideological conflict. Instead, there will be a sense of artificial harmony.
For the activity this week, read pages 89-114
in The Five Dysfunctions of a Team and “The Skunk Works” from Organizing
Genius. You will be going from one dysfunctional team to a functional one.
As such, you will recognize the five
elements in Lencioni’s pyramid with the group from “The Skunk Works”. For
example, explain how the Great Group:
1. Established Trust. Were team members
open with one another? How effective was the leader (Kelly Johnson and later
Ben Rich) in building a foundation of trust? Explain and provide brief

2. Dealt with Conflict. Was this group
capable of engaging in unfiltered and passionate debate of ideas? Briefly explain how they dealt with conflict.

3. Developed a High Level of Commitment.
How committed were the group members to the project(s) at hand? What sparked
this level of commitment?

4. Accepted Accountability. Did this group
hold each other accountable? Explain.

5. Attention to Results.
Were individual needs put above the group? How attentive were they to results?

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