Achieving work life success

| December 4, 2015

Achieving work life success

The Importance and Impact of Positive Values and Skills to Navigate Work-life Challenges and Enjoy a Successful Career and Personal Life.

My lecturer says this current essay,ICA 2 which you are to do is similar to the topic mentioned above..just on a more personal level …The objectives for this essay is stated below.

ICA 2 (50%)

Action Plan (Total of 100 marks)


Report to be 1500 words long

Allowed to be written in first-person format

References to be cited in APA format.

Deadline of this project will be on the third week.

Expected Learning Outcomes Planned in Testing


To assess the students’ ability to identify the important dimensions that impact their state career and personal life.

To assess the students’ ability to create relevant action plans in these various dimensions, to achieve better career and personal life.

Learning Objectives:

To understand the personal opportunities and challenges to attain a successful career and personal life.
To understand the signs of a successful career and personal life.



Application of learning, concepts & theories to address the topic


Evidence of proper research, further readings & the use of relevant examples to support views


Language, structure, format and clarity of report


Displayed in-depth analysis, critical thinking and questioning




Assessment Guidelines (Etc)

Scripts must be written in size 12 Arial, double spacing.

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