ACCT3303 Project One

| August 14, 2017

CAPTAIN FISHING INC.BALANCE SHEETDECEMBER 31, 2014Current AssetsCashNotes ReceivableAccounts ReceivableLess: Allowance for Doubtful AccountsInventoriesPrepaid InsuranceTotal Current AssetsNon-Current AssetsLong-term InvestmentsInvestments in held-for-maturity securitiesLand held for future developmentProperty, Plant, and EquipmentLandBuildingsLess: Accumulated DepreciationIntangible AssetsCapitalized Development CostsGoodwillOther Identifiable Intangible AssetsTotal Non-Current AssetsTotal AssetsCurrent LiabilitiesNotes PayableAccounts PayableUnearned RevenuesIncome Taxes PayableProperty Taxes PayableInterest PayableTotal Current LiabilitiesNon-Current LiabilitiesProvisions Related to PensionsBonds PayableTotal Non-Current LiabilitiesTotal LiabilitiesStockholders’ EquityCommon StockPreferred StockPaid-in-capital – Common StockPaid-in-capital – Preferred StockRetained EarningsAccumulated Other Comprehensive IncomeLess: Treasury StockTotal Stockholders’ EquityTotal Liabilities and Stockholders’ Equity51,80016,00041,800(3,000)40,000540147,14051,00045,50085,000675,000(187,500)8,00076,00048,000801,000948,140110,00033,50012,0009,4406,6001,500173,04093,100300,000393,100566,140100,000100,00027,50010,000152,2505,000(12,750)382,000948,140The 2014 balance sheet of the Captain Fishing Inc. is attached. During 2015, the following events occurred.1. On January 10, sold merchandise on account to Rayms $8,000 and Fischer $7,600. Terms 2/10, n/30.2. On January 12, purchased merchandise on account from Zapfel $3,200 and Liotta $2,600. Terms 1/10, n/30.3. On January 14, received checks, $4,500 from Longhini and $2,500 from Hall, for sales on account after discount period has lapsed.4. On January 15, sent checks to Joosten for 9,000 less 3% cash discount, and to Maida for $10,000 less 2% cash discount.5. On January 16, issued credit of $600 to Fischer for merchandise returned.6. On January 21, paid off the balances to Zapfel and Liotta for the purchases made on January 12.7. On Feburary 9, received payment in full from Rayms and Fischer.8. On March 1, paid rent of $9,600 for a two-year term starting from July 1, 2015.9. On April 1, the company CEO paid $49,999 from her savings bank account to purchase a car for personal use.10. On April 12, paid $900 cash for office supplies.11. Cash dividends totaling $1,500 were declared on June 13 and paid to stockholders on June 23.12. Issued a note of $120,000 to bank (one year, annual interest rate 4%) for cash on July 1.13. On July 5, purchased merchandise from Maida $32,000, terms 3/10, n/30.14. On July 7, issued common stock 1000 shares, $10 par, in exchange of a land with a fair market value of $16,000.15. On July 8, returned $300 of merchandise to Maida and received credit.16. On August 1, sold merchandise to Lachey on account $80,000, term 1/10, n/30.17. Paid off the balance to Maida on August 4.18. On Auguest 8, paid utilities expense, $10,920.19. On August 18, Lachey paid off its balance.20. On September 1, paid cash $7,500 to Farmington for merchandise purchased last year.21. On October 1, paid off notes payable $110,000 (issued in 2014) and associated interest $5,000 (this amount includes $1,500 interest payable on the balance sheet).22. Over the year, cash sales to other retail customers were $16,500.23. Over the year, sales and office employees earned $26,500 in salaries and wages, of which $2,500 remained as payable at the end of year.24. On Dec 31, received an utilities bill of $1,250 (for December 2015) and paid off the bill on January 10, 2016.25. On Dec 31, paid 5% interest on bonds payable.Additional Information at the end of the year:1 .Depreciation expense for the year was $13,500.2. The company estimated that it will pay federal income tax, $4,250.3. After physically counting, the company decided that the ending inventories was $42,164.4. Based on its historical data, the bad debts expense are about $1,000.5. Unearned revenue was decreased by $11,000.6. The company expenses all of the supplies purchased during the year.7. No insurance policy was effective during the year (will be effective from Jan 1, 2016).8. The company uses the gross method to record its purchases and sales on credit.9. The company adopts the periodic inventory system.10. Rayms, Fischer, and Lachey had zero balance on account as of Jan 1, 2015.Instructions:1. Prepare journal entries for each event.2. Prepare adjusting entries.3. Prepare adjusted trial balance.4. Prepare Income Statement, Retained Earnings Statement and Balance Sheet.5. Prepare closing entries.CashTrial Balance TotalNet IncomeTotal assets49,9081,286,3906,072950,112

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