Accounting -Which inventory system is more popular today than prior to the mid-1960s

| January 31, 2017


I need to answer the question and comment on the answers that my classmates’ gave.


Perpetual or Periodic Inventory?

Hello Everyone!

Which inventory system is more popular today than prior to the mid-1960s? Why do you believe that this particular system is more popular today? Why would a company employing a perpetual inventory system still take a physical inventory periodically?

See the question above! This is a great question because it allows us to discuss real life inventory and the effects of technology. It will take a bit of thought, but some of you might remember when your company changed from one method to the other.


I use to work in a warehouse many years ago and we used a perpetual inventory system. Every morning we would do a quick inventory of all of the supplies. Once a Month, we would do a periodic inventory as well. Using the perpetual helped us reorder supplies quicker. if we waited until the end of the month, we may run out of a product. A perpetual system allows a company to have more control over inventory and is much more popular today.

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