Accounting -We need to analyse and discuss the forensic techniques

| January 30, 2017


I have a project to submit about : current digital forensics and how these techniques may be utilized to solve financial crimes. The project is about electronic and digital information and the forensic techniques used to retrieve the information and assist in solving a crime. Since this type of techniques will be helpful in analyzing business operations and preparing other types of reports used by forensic accountants.

We need to analyse and discuss the forensic techniques used by Boston police department to resolve Philip Markoff ‘s crime known as Craigslist Murder. In addition, at least one crime should be discussed and analyzed in the paper that was solved using the same forensic

Working in the project, we should list additional developments in digital forensic techniques, that would assist in the investigations of the crimes listed in others sections as examples include the Craigslist murder crime. And show how these techniques used along with good investigative work , can be used in forensic accounting.

In the project we have to discuss the relationship between the uses of internet and telephone related electronic/ digital “footprints”. And discuss forensic related to newer handheld devices such as iPhone, iPad other than Apple.

The project should be done in 9 to 10 pages, MLA style with citations at least 5 references.

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