Accounting Statement Analysis

| September 28, 2018

Using the annual report of an australian publicly listed company you are required to do the following:1 . prepare a comparative analysis of the company’s performance using the information from at least one of the three main financial statement statement , balance sheet or cash flow statement explaining the significant (at least 5%) changes in all the ares covered by the statement. Note that here there may be an impact on a part of anthor statement and this should be considered2 Brefily outline what the directors report covers3 what is the purpose of the notes to the financial statements . Select two notes from the company,s report and brefily describe what they cover4 Does the company have the statment covering corporate goverance? If it does briefly state what this cover for the company5 Does the company have a statement covering sustainability? If does what does it cover6 Review the directors declaration and the auditors Report .Briefly state what these indicate about the company.

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