Accounting -Business Data Management 426103 Group Assignment

| January 31, 2017

Bachelor of Business
(Incorporating Graduate Diploma in Business & Graduate Certificate in Business)

Business Data Management
Group Assignment
The group assignment is a project which requires the design & implementation of database
using Microsoft Access. It consists of two components: Part 1 requires you to develop an Entity
Relationship diagram, relational model and a data dictionary for the project; Part 2 requires the
development of a logical design, normalization, implementation of the project and a group
The database design assignment is a team project with a team size of 4-5 people. Team
members are expected to work in a harmonious and professional fashion. It is up to students to
manage the group process so that each person carries out an equal amount of work.
The assignment provides an opportunity for students to work as a group, on a practical database
design and implementation project. It is important that the group report should be complete,
well written (grammatically correct, free of spelling errors), and professionally presented.
Suggested number of pages is between 10-15 excluding appendix.

Assignment Submission Procedure
Submission should include the softcopy of the database, and, both hardcopy and softcopy of
the report on a CD. Submit the group report (soft and hard copy) in class on October 19,
2015. Do not submit this assignment elsewhere.
20 marks will be automatically deducted if submitted individually. 10 marks per day will be
deducted from the assignment if not submitted on the due date and time.
Suggested Steps:
1. Select team members and form a group. Ideal size of a group would be 4 or 5 students per
group. Group size must not exceed 5 students per group. Each student must have to be part
of a group.
2. Create Tables and ERD diagram. Ensure referential integrity is enforced in the design.
There should be at least 6 tables per assignment. All tables must be in normalized form and
any special condition should be explained in detail.
3. Create Forms and design the interface. This section should include at least 3 single forms
and at least one sub form. Explain the purpose of each form and ensure all forms are

4. Create Queries and explain the purpose of each query in detail. Queries must use fields
from different tables. This section should include at least 4 queries. All queries should be
5. Create Reports and provide an explanation on each report. This section should include at
least 4 reports and ensure reports are functional.
6. Conclusion remark and finish all the content.
7. Prepare individual contribution summary and attach with the group report. This summary
should be agreed by all members.
a. Each student must certify that they have completed at least one form, one query and
one report.
8. Sign off the cover sheet (all group members)
Assessment Criteria
Assessment Components
Project Description and conclusion

Max Marks

Database Entities
Data Dictionary and Data Integrity
Entity Relational Diagram (need to comply with
Referential Integrity (Cardinality and connectivity is
Provide Normalisation documents


Interface (user friendly)


Report Presentation


Query Design


Switch Board


Individual Contribution



Case Narration

During peak periods, John’s Employment Business (JOB) places temporary workers in
companies. JOB’s manager gives you the following description of the business:

JOB has a file of candidates who are willing to work.

If the candidate has worked before, that candidate has a specific job history.
(Naturally, no job history exists if the candidate has never worked.) Each time the
candidate works, one additional job history record is created.

Each candidate has earned several qualifications. Each qualification may be earned
by more than one candidate. (For example, it is possible for more than one candidate
to have earned a BBA degree or a Microsoft Network Certification. And clearly, a
candidate may have earned both a BBA and a Microsoft Network Certification.)

JOB offers courses to help candidates improve their qualifications.

Every course develops one specific qualification; however, JOB does not offer a
course for every qualification. Some qualifications have multiple courses that
develop that qualification.

Some courses cover advanced topics that require specific qualifications as
prerequisites. Some courses cover basic topics that do not require any prerequisite
qualifications. A course can have several prerequisites. A qualification can be a
prerequisite for more than one course.

Courses are taught during training sessions. A training session is the presentation
of a single course. Over time, JOB will offer many training sessions for each
course; however, new courses may not have any training sessions scheduled right

Candidates can pay a fee to attend a training session. A training session can
accommodate several candidates, although new training sessions will not have any
candidates registered at first.

JOB also has a list of companies that request temporaries.

Each time a company requests a temporary employee, JOB makes an entry in the
Openings folder. That folder contains an opening number, a company name,
required qualifications, a starting date, an anticipated ending date, and hourly pay.

Each opening requires only one specific or main qualification.

When a candidate matches the qualification, the job is assigned, and an entry is
made in the Placement Record folder. That folder contains an opening number, a
candidate number, the total hours worked, etc. In addition, an entry is made in the
job history for the candidate.

An opening can be filled by many candidates, and a candidate can fill many

JOB uses special codes to describe a candidate’s qualifications for an opening. The
list of codes is shown below.




Secretarial work, at least 45 words per minute


Secretarial work, at least 60 words per minute


General clerking work


Programmer, Visual Basic


Programmer, C++


Database Administrator, Oracle


Database Administrator, IBM DB2


Database Administrator, MS SQL Server


Systems Analyst, level 1


Systems Analyst, level 2


Network Administrator, Novell experience


Web Developer, ColdFusion

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