Accounting -aIn your studies you have been introduced to systems based accounting theories

| January 30, 2017

aIn your studies you have been introduced to systems based accounting theories. Dr. John Richards, a strongly positive accountant, believes that the only reason for businesses to exist is to make wealth for the investor, and has led you to believe that systems based theories are not worthy subjects for exploration. Equally he believes that stakeholder engagement, beyond that applicable to the powerful stakeholder group, the investor, is a waste of time. He wishes to see an end to non-regulatory disclosures and in particular to the wasteful expense he believes is spent on sustainability reporting and discussions of integrated reporting.

Fortunately, Dr.Richards, who could not bring himself to discuss system-based theories, sustainability or integrated reporting or any area of corporate social reporting, invited Professor Reginald Thoughtful, a respected expert researcher in the area of CSR to talk to you about this area. You found Professor Thoughtful most impressive and started to question the ideas Dr.Richards had been impressing on you for weeks.

Your project to conclude this unit is to prepare a report and basis for a research study embracing any area of theory discussed by either Dr.Richards or Professor Thoughtful. The requirements are:

1. Discuss and exemplify each of the significant terms used above through a list of meanings a non-accountant would understand.

2. Discuss the concept of stakeholder engagement. Construct an argument about who you consider are the stakeholders of the firm. You must reference at least five academic articles to support your points.

3. Identify the accounting theories that you have learnt that would support a research study in the area of stakeholder engagement. Explain the relevance of the theories through reflecting on your viewpoint about to whom the firm is responsible.

4. Dr.Richards believes that secondary data is adequate to support any study. While Professor Thoughtful believes that mixed method studies are essential, and while he would use secondary data believes that a study should embrace both secondary and primary data sources such as surveys and/or interviews. What do you think? Critically appraise these different data sources. If you are able to find a couple of references to support your points, use them.

5. Imagine that you are going to embark on a study that explores the nature of stakeholder engagement, and the accountability of firms adopting either Dr.Richards’s view of the world or that of Professor Thoughtful. Prepare a proposal with the following headings:

1). Title of Research Project –

2). The Research Question –

3). Importance of Research – Why this research is important

4). Literature Review – Identify six academic articles in this area and prepare a brief summary of their relevance in responding to your research question.

5). Accounting Theories – Identify the accounting theory(ies) that you would adopt in this study and justify their inclusion.

6). Methodology – Identify how you would undertake this study and justify your choices.

7).Interview questions – Questions to interrogate the data or ask at interview to achieve answers to your research question.

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