Acc505-Sales volume averages 2,000 units per year.

| September 28, 2018

Household Manufacturing Inc. sells its product for $45 each.Sales volume averages 2,000 units per year.Recently, its main competitor reduced the price of its product to $30.Maximum expects sales to drop dramatically unless it matches the competitor’s price.In addition, the current profit per unit must be maintained.Information about the product (for production of 2,000) is as follows:Standard QuantityActual QuantityActual CostMaterials (pounds)3,2003,50035,000Labor (hours) 9001,00030,000Setups (hours) -1253,000Material handling (moves)-2004,000Warranties (number repaired)-45011,000Required:a. Calculate the target cost for maintaining current market share and profitability.b. Calculate the non-value-added cost per unit.c. If non-valueadded costs can be reduced to zero, can the target cost be achieved?

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