ACC500 Managerial Accounting

| July 29, 2018

ACC500 Managerial Accounting
Final Exam

1) Dubuque Company has the following sales budget:

Month Cash Sales Credit Sales
February $14,000 $28,000
March 12,800 29,200
April 10,800 26,400

Collections of credit sales are 40% in the month of sale, 50% in the
month after sale and 10% two months after sale. No uncollectible
accounts are expected.

Prepare a schedule of cash collections for April.

2) The Drew Company has the following information available:

Month Budgeted Sales
March $150,000
April 153,000
May 151,000
June 254,500
July 252,500

The gross profit rate is 40% and the desired ending inventory level is 20% of the next month’s cost of sales.

Prepare a purchases budget for April, May and June.

3) Direct Material Direct Labor
Std. price per unit of input $12 per foot $14 per hour
Actual price per unit of input $14 per foot $13 per hour
Std. inputs allowed per unit of output 5 feet 3 hours
Actual units of input 2,500 feet 1,550 hours

Actual units of output 600 units

Compute the price and quantity variances for direct materials and direct labor.

4) Progressive Company produces a product in a process-costing system
involving several departments. The company uses the weighted-average
method of product costing. The first department’s data for the month of
April follow:

Units in beginning work-in-process inventory 25,000
Units started during April1 155,000
Units completed during April 140,000
Units in ending work-in-process inventory 40,000

Direct materials added in current month $188,000
Conversion costs added in current month $175,000
Direct materials–beginning work-in-process inventory $35,750
Conversion costs–beginning work-in-process inventory $6,225

Stage of Completion:
Materials Conversion Costs
Beginning work-in-process inventory 100% 50%
Ending work-in-process inventory 100% 35%

A) Compute equivalent units for materials and conversion costs.
B) Compute the cost per unit for materials and conversion costs.
C) Compute the cost of the units transferred.
D) Compute the cost of the ending work-in-process inventory.

5) Splitsville Company has two departments. Factory overhead costs are
applied based on direct labor cost in Department A and machine hours in
Department B. The following information is available:

Budgeted Items Dept. A Dept. B
Direct labor cost $190,000 $165,000
Machine hours 51,000 50,000
Factory overhead cost $325,000 $280,000

Actual data for Job #10 are as follows:
Actual Items Dept. A Dept. B
Direct materials requisitioned $20,000 $16,000
Direct labor cost $17,000 $24,000
Machine hours 7,000 5,000

A) Compute the budgeted factory overhead rate for Department A.
B) Compute the budgeted factory overhead rate for Department B.
C) What is the total overhead cost for Job #10?
D) If Job #10 consists of 50 units of product, what is the unit cost of this job?

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