ACC Tax Problem – Len and Christy Vole, ages 42 and 39

| May 2, 2016

Len and Christy Vole, ages 42 and 39 respectively, are married and file jointly in 2013. Len is a contractor operating as a sole proprietorship (EIN 11-1111111). Christy is employed, earning $24,000 as a part-time paralegal. They have two dependent children, Jill, age 8 and Lee, age 5. In 2013, they received $4,550 from Good Bank in taxable interest income. Their allowable itemized deductions include state income tax $3,700; home mortage interest $6,000; and charity $5,000. Federal income tax withholding was $7,500 and estimated tax payments were $13,000. The Voles also incurred $7,000 of qualifying child care expenses to enable them to work ($3,500 for each child). It was paid to HiTop Daycare, 327 Fowler St., Indianapolis, IN 46802 (EIN 22-2222222).

Len earns $95,000 in profit in a sole proprietorship. He incurred the following expenses that qualify for the general business credit: $6,000 for disabled access. No adjustments are required to this credit and there are no carrybacks or carryforwards.

Social security numbers are: Len, 111-11-1111; Christy, 222-22-2222; Jill, 333-33-3333; Lee, 444-44-4444.

Complete the Vole’s Form 1040, along with supporting Schedules A, B, C, and SE, Form 2441 (child and dependent care credit), Form 3800 (general business credit), Form 8826 (disabled access credit), and Form 5884 (work opportunity credit). Show detail of the child tax credit computation (with any phaseout) at the bottom of Form 1040, page 2.

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