ACC – Drab Corporation

| August 14, 2017

Drab Corporation just obtained exclusive rights to a new revolutionary fertilizer that is sure to be an instant success in the gardening industry. Unfortunately, Drab does not control the capital to market the product adequately. Therefore, it is considering joining forces with Olive, a corporation with substantial liquid assets and experience in marketing new products. This union, Drab believes, would give both corporations a competitive edge due to this product and the positive reputation each corporation has. Name recognition is so important in gardening marketing that Drab hates to lose this if it merges. Drab’s president, Lee Xanders, provides you with the following information and requests your guidance as to what type of recognition Drab and Olive should consider.Corporation: FMV of Assets Adjusted Basis LiabilitiesDrab $600,000 $480,000 $400,000Olive $900,000 $500,000 $100,000Write a letter to Ms. Xanders explaining the benefits of using a “Type A” consolidation, a “Type C” consolidation, or an acquisitive “Type D” reorganization. Drab’s address is Route 1, Box 2440, Mason, OH 45040.

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