AC 298 Unit 3 Assigment

| August 14, 2017

The four basic functions or principles of management developed by Henri Fayol, aninfluential figure in modern management theory, are planning, organizing, leading andcontrolling (POLC) activities. These four basic management functions differ within themanagement chain.Planning is the basis of the management function. It determines and outlines the goalsof the organization. The planning process involves a strategy that encompasses theactual steps the company must take in order to meet the established goals. The planshould include methods for implementing each of the following steps: organizing,leading, and controlling.Managers must organize their departments in an effort to define the roles andresponsibilities of the workers. They must be prepared to revise those roles andassignment of tasks as the organization experiences growth or industry change.Managers are challenged to lead their firms team. There are many skills a successfulmanager must possess. Two of the main responsibilities include motivating employeesand delegating responsibilities to employees. Successful managers encourage theiremployees to work to the best of their ability and give 110%. They also assign ordelegate work that will ultimately help meet the established goals of the organization.Finally, the manager is required to track the progress of the organization.Controlling is the culmination of all the prior steps making certain the plans,organization and leadership are put into practice and that they work accurately. Thisfunction includes both policy and financial/accounting controls. Planning, organizing,leading and controlling functions can be applied to any level within the managementhierarchy. Lets take a brief look at the managers employed at Joes Steel Corporation.Joes Steel Corporation is a company that fabricates a variety of industrial steelproducts. They are located in the Midwest and cater to regional construction needs. Thecompany employs three primary managers. Joe Smith is the second generation CEOfor the corporation. He has the final authority on all decisions regarding the direction ofthe corporation. Larry Haley maintains the position of plant supervisor. He ensures thatcustomers receive satisfactory service and quality steel products. He is also involved inpurchasing, budgeting, accounting, and personnel work. In addition, Sondra Raymanages the steel production line. She handles individual employee work assignmentsand performance as well as monitoring safety requirements.In a one to two page paper identify one of the levels of management and the managerat that level referenced above and discuss how planning, organizing, leading andcontrolling could be specifically related to that level of management.Assignment Checklist:1. Identify one of the three levels of management [Strategic, Middle, or firstline (operational) manager]2. Identify the employee at the corresponding level of management3. Specify how the four management functions are related to thatmanagement level by defining the specific tasks and responsibilities of theManager at that level.

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