AC 107 Wk 6 Assignment

| July 29, 2018

WEEK 6 ASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS The week 6 assignment includes exercises to reinforce the learning objectives for week 6, including matching vocabulary, the periodic and perpetual inventory systems, and valuation of inventory and cost of goods sold using FIFO, LIFO and Weighted Average. The instructions for completing the exercises can be found in each of the exercise tabs. The Grade Rubric tab identifies how the assignment will be scored and will be completed by your instructor. This week there is new chart of accounts handout tab which includes the new accounts for sales and purchases and one to help you identify the normal balance of these new accounts. If you open the assignment file and begin to work without saving it first you may lose your work! Excel files are embedded web pages, and your work may be lost if you do not SAVE the file first! Be sure to submit the entire file in the Week 6 Assignment upload area. Please do not try to save and submit the tabs separately. Do not send zipped files!

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