A strong thesis statement supported by research

| December 4, 2018

• Check to be sure your final submission includes the following:4-5 pages of text in addition to having a title and reference page, all in correctAPA format.A strong thesis statement supported by research from at least 5 differentsources. In a research-based project like this, it is important to refer to and citeyour sources throughout the paper to show where your information is comingfrom and to support your points.Incorporation of key sociological concepts while consistently demonstrating thesociological perspective. Your paper should apply one of the major sociologicaltheories to the movement you have chosen, explaining how that theory wouldevaluate the development of the movement and its successes and failures. Here is the paper. Need in apa format. Environmental Movements Environmental Movements2 The environmental movement in the USA is a group of people that seek to influence theenvironmental policy of the United States of America. The modern Environmental movementwas presided by the Conservation movement in the late 19th century (Shabecoff 2012). Itincluded conservation of water, soil, fisheries wildlife management and sustainable forestry. Themodern Environmental movement was started in the 1960s (Dunla at al 2024). Its major concernwas air and water conservation, but it became broader with time and included preservation ofwilderness areas and biodiversity and enhancing sustainable use of natural resources. Thesemovements educate the public on the need for conserving the landscapes and species to enhancethe country’s beauty (Rootes 2014).The reason why I want to research on the environmental movement is because imppassionate in environmental conservation and biodiversity protection. I also chose the topic so asto get a chance to participate in the environmental research and inform the public on theimportance of environmental conservation. Most people take the environment for granted due toignorance of its importance in our daily lives. By dealing with this topic I hope to educate mypeers on the need for environmental impacts so that they can appreciate the efforts of theenvironmental movements towards environmental conservation.By undertaking researching on this topic, I hope to understand the role of theenvironmental movements towards countering unemployment in the use. I also hope tounderstand how they go about their campaigns, by learning and understanding the process oftheir project development, planning, implementation and monitoring. I also hope to understandtheir contribution in pollution reduction and waste management in the major cities in the USA.Finally I hope to understand their role in ensuring sustainable use of natural resources. Environmental Movements3 REFFERENCEDunlap, R. E., & Mertig, A. G. (2014). American environmentalism: The US environmentalmovement, 1970-1990. Taylor & Francis.Rootes, C. (2014). Environmental movements: local, national and global. Routledge.Shabecoff, P. (2012). A fierce green fire: The American environmental movement. Island Press.

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