a simulation reflective assignment that based on weekly discussion on class.

| March 29, 2017

Hi,I have a simulation reflective assignment that based on weekly discussion on class. this assignment is based on a program called Interpretive Simulation (http://www.interpretive.com/rd6/index.php). At this website, every week, I put budget estimations for training programs I responsible for it. On the week after, I get the results. I would like to have your help on answering this question “Using you experience of the HRM simulation, discuss your role within the HR team of your company. What was the impact of your decisions on the performance of the company by the end of year one?” I already finished four weeks . This assignment is 2000 words and MUST contain:
An examination of my role in the HR team, based on the first year of running company (through the HRM simulation). The essay must include an analysis and reflection of how my role impacted on my company’s performance and the outcomes I achieved in the training areas. The reflection should also include those areas I experienced challenges in achieving my objectives and goals. My essay must demonstrate an awareness of ethical and social responsibility in professional practice, based on the incidents my team manage in the simulation.
It is essential that I reference appropriate academic literature that discusses the HR role for which I responsible.

If you can help me, please let me know as soon as possible.

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