A rural public health officer in your state has expressed concern because she has seen

| August 30, 2017

A rural public health officer in your state has expressed concern because she has seen an unusually high number of confirmed cases of chronic renal disease among adults visiting the county public health clinic compared to the rest of the state. A number of potential causes including chemicals used at a nearby fertilizer factory were suggested by the rural public health officer. As the Director of Health at the state level you have commissioned a randomized cross-sectional study for the county as an inexpensive initial step to assess the situation. The population of the county is 10,000 adults (i.e. over 18 years of age). Because of financial restraints you limit the survey to 250 adults with a plan for further studies should the initial study indicate a problem. The survey specifically asks about the diagnosis of kidney disease and employment at the fertilizer factory. Of the people surveyed 60 reported having been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. Half of those diagnosed worked at the fertilizer factory. A total of 50 people included in the survey worked in the fertilizer facility.Construct and correctly label a 2×2 table with the given data. (8 points)Calculate the estimated prevalence rates for chronic renal failure for the entire county and for each exposure group? (6 points)Compare the study population to the national data you have provided in question 1 and analyze the risk of the county population using the appropriate biostatistical test. (6 points)

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