a) Please conceive a project that will consist of approximately 30-40

| May 16, 2019

a)    Please conceive a project that will consist of approximately 30-40 activities. The project should look like a real life scenario where activities are intertwined according to the logic of execution/processing.  The project chosen should be different than to those projects done in class. You are asked to provide in your project, the duration, the sequencing of the activities and corresponding resources. 

b)    First, solve your problem manually. After drawing the diagram network from both AoA, respectively AoN perspectives (preferably not by hand), you are asked to provide the afferent table and the critical path.(remember the first part of the course)

c)    Second, using Microsoft Project, input your data and solve your envisioned project. Provide in printing a view of the overall diagram network, a Gantt chart showing the activities and their sequencing (predecessors), as well as durations, a summary of critical activities, a project overview report, a cost overview report and the list of activities containing the critical path.

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