A business executive must make the four round trips

| June 4, 2016

A business executive must make the four round trips between the head office in Dallas and a branch office in Atlanta.

Departure date from Dallas

Return date to Dallas

Monday, July 6

Friday, July 10

Monday, July 13

Wednesday, July 15

Monday, July 20

Friday, July 24

Tuesday, July 28

Friday, July 31

The price for a round ticket from Dallas is $400. A discount of 25% is granted if the dates of arrival and departure of a ticket span a weekend (Saturday and Sunday). If the stay in Atlanta lasts more than 21 days, the discount is increased to 30%. A one-way ticket between Dallas and Atlanta (either direction) costs $250. How should the executive purchase the tickets?

Set up this problem as an assignment problem and formulate this problem as LP model.

Describe the plan for the trips.


Use the code (city, date) to define the rows and columns of the assignment problem. For example: the assignment (D, 6) – (A, 10) means leaving Dallas on July 6 and returning from Atlanta July 10 at a cost of $400. Please complete the following table then solve this problem as an assignment problem.



(D, 6)








(D, 28)

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