a) Analyse how current trends in the Australian Labour Market

| March 17, 2019

a) Analyse how current trends in the Australian Labour Market will affect career opportunities in your target industry. Areas for suggested research include but are not limited to: national and state information, current employment and unemployment trends, impacts of technology and competition in the labour market.

b) Research two additional industries you could work in with your new degree qualification, and identify one occupation (per industry) that may be suitable for you. Evaluate and explain why these industries and occupations are viable options for your career path based on labour market research and your current area of study. The two industries you select must be different to the target industry you identified in Part A.

 c) Identify three creative job seeking strategies and discuss why they will be effective when seeking work in the industries you targeted in Part A and Part B. 

d) With reference to the intercultural theories discussed in class, evaluate the intercultural challenges facing you as an international student. How might this impact future career opportunities in Australia? 

e) Recommendations section. Based on your research and analysis in Parts A – D, write 3 – 4 recommendations which will increase your employability and prepare you to enter the Australian job market.

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