A 600 dpi printer would output a higher quality printout than a ______ printer.

| September 28, 2018

Chapter 7 ExercisesMultiple Choice Select the best
answer. 1. A 600 dpi printer would output a higher quality printout
than a ______ printer. a. 1200 dpib. 300 dpic. 2400 dpid. 1600 dpi2. A ______ uses tubes of ink that have tiny resistors near the
end of each tube.a.
laser printerb.
dot-matrix printerc.
bubble-jet printer d.
thermal printer3. When a
printer is _______, more than one computer on a network can send print jobs to
that printer.a. sharedb. localc. impactd. resident4. Which of
these is not a measure of printer speed? a. graphics
pages per minuteb. pages per
characters per secondd. graphics
characters per second5. During the writing step with a laser printer, data from a
computer is received by the _______ and then passed to the DC controller.a. formatterb. beam
detectc. laser
unitd. scanning
mirrorFill-in-the-Blank Write the
word or phrase to fill in the blank in each of the following questions. 1. Laser printers also are called________, because they
process and store an entire page before printing the page.2. A _________, such as PCL, is a language that describes
the layout and contents of a page sent to the printer.3. If several print jobs are sent to the printer at one
time, the print jobs accumulate in a ________ in the buffer. 4. While a _________uses wax-based ink that is heated by
heat pins that melt the ink onto paper, a _________ uses ink stored in solid
blocks.5. Windows designates one printer to be the __________,
which is the one Windows prints to by default, unless another is selected.Matching Terms Match the
terms with their definitions.

__ 1.
control blade

a. de facto PDL standard in the printing industry

_ 2.
local printer

b. allows you to work on other tasks while a document is

3.non-impact printer

c. measure of resolution; the number of ink dots used to
create printed output

__ 4.

d. prevents too much toner from sticking to cylinder
surface in laser printer

5. PostScript

e. printer connected to and accessible via a network

__ 6.
network computer

f. forms characters and graphics
without physically contacting the paper

—- 7.
multifunction peripheral

g. PDL that supports complex graphics and colors; used in
desktop publishing

_ 8.

h. printer connected directly to a computer by way of a
cable or a wireless connection

_ 9.
impact printer

i. also called an all-in-one device

10. PCL

j. forms characters and graphics
using mechanism that physically contacts the paper

Short Answer QuestionsWrite a
brief answer to each of the following questions. 1.
List the six steps used by a laser printer to
print a page.2. What
are the characteristics used to describe a printer? Briefly explain each
characteristic. 3. When
you are isolating a printer problem, what are the four major possible sources
of the problem?4. If
a printer is not working correctly, what troubleshooting questions should you
ask to eliminate the printer as the source of the problem?5. Briefly
describe how Windows and the printer handle print jobs when several documents
are printed to the same printer.

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