PowerPoint Presentation

| June 30, 2016

Please prepare a PowerPoint Presentation on bring my own device to work.(BYOD) as per the grading rubic and i have also atached the ethical consideration , impact and history related files that will help.

  1. Students must then create a PowerPoint presentation, with audio, to communicate their findings regarding the report (refer to this Peer Evaluation Presentation Template for help in this area). The final product will assess the communication style of the presenter and should include the following components:
    • A title page
    • An introduction slide, outlining the purpose and flow of the presentation
    • Format of paper evaluation
    • Historical Timeline and Predecessor Assessment Evaluation
    • Analysis of Impact Evaluation
    • Ethical Considerations Evaluation
    • Concluding Remarks
    • In-text citations and a references slide
    • Appropriate visual aids to support the presentation.

Grading Rubric

Content Points
A title page is included  5
An introduction, outlining the purpose and flow of the presentation, is provided  5
Format of paper evaluation 5
Historical timeline and predecessor assessment evaluation 10
Analysis of impact evaluation 10
Ethical considerations evaluation 5
Concluding remarks are included 5
In-text references are used and a reference page is included 5
PowerPoint background and visual aids are professionally and effectively incorporated 5
Tone of presenter is professional and transitions are smooth from topic to topic 5
The Completed Peer Evaluation Assessment Form was submitted to Dropbox  20
Editing; spelling, punctuation, grammar, formatting, audible recording, sentence meaning unclear 10
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