Capstone project

| September 8, 2020

Assume that you are about to start a new business. What type of business would it be?  Be specific and explain your product or service offerings. (1-2 paragraphs)
How would you organize your business structure (sole proprietorship, partnership, corporation, franchise)? Explain. (1 paragraph)
Discuss each of the 5 functions of business as they relate to your company. Specifically how would you address each of these? (1 page)
What specific resources would be necessary (capital, human, material, informational) in order to start and run your business? Discuss fully (2-4 paragraphs).
Discuss 3 external forces that would impact your business. How would you address these challenges? (3 paragraphs)
Identify and discuss your target market.  How would you market your business? (2 paragraphs)
How could you use social media to promote your business? (1 paragraph)
Conduct a SWOT analysis on the possibility of starting your new business.  Provide at least 2 items in each category.


How could you use your strengths to take advantage of opportunities and ward off threats? (1 paragraph)
How can you shore up your weaknesses? (1 paragraph)

Complete your assignment in .doc or .rtf format and select the link above to submit your assignments. When the assignment is properly attached, a green ! (exclamation) mark appears in your My Grades section. After the assignment is graded, you will see a grade and any feedback in My Grades. You must submit the work IN ORDER.

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