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| March 16, 2019

Article extract
A recent survey conducted by Singapore Polytechnic’s Diploma in Media and Communication (DMC) students indicated that while our youth are concerned with how they appear online, 89.1% surveyed said they would not post false or inaccurate information to portray a better online image.
The survey also revealed that 94.2% of the respondents exercised caution on social media. 42.7% of respondents would edit their photos to appear physically attractive on their social media platforms. Females are more likely to edit their photos on Instagram (52.3%). In contrast, only 40.3% of the males surveyed have done so.
Reflecting on the findings, Nurfaizah Binte Muhd Faizuwan, one of the students who presented the results, said: “As a youth myself who is active on social media, I agree that most of us want to appear our best online, but there’s no need to be dishonest. Also, I will think twice when posting anything online as I do not want to attract unwanted attention.”
With reference to the above extract, analyse how theories on impression management may or may not apply to the local Singapore context. Use the relevant research findings to support your argument, drawing on at least one local study (i.e., based on Singapore) and one international study (i.e., based on any country other than Singapore).
Additional notes/guidance/instructions:
You need to demonstrate in-depth understanding of the relevant concepts/theories with respect to this extract.
Examine the relevance of psychological concepts to the extract and use both theoretical and empirical evidence to support your analysis. Other than using the findings of your literature research to add depth to your arguments, remember to use your own words in your essay to demonstrate your understanding of the subject matter and to avoid plagiarism.
There must be citations of relevant theoretical and empirical evidence to support your analysis, with a minimum of 3 references (excluding the textbook and Study Guide) listed accurately in APA format required for this paper. These references should be based on the additional research you conducted. Cite at least THREE journal articles or book chapters (excluding the textbook). Always cite credible sources of information. Blog entries, online student papers or theses, and websites like Wikipedia and Simply Psychology do not count as credible sources.

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