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| March 17, 2019

This component allows a customer (as a bidder) to view all the listed items and to put in a bid. The specific functions of this component include
1) As shown in Figure 4, design the user interface to periodically (say, every 5 seconds) retrieve all items in the XML documents and neatly display them. Instead of displaying duration, startDate and startTime, show the time left. For each item, display the item number, name, category, description (first 30 characters), buy-it-now price, current bid price, and time left. Don’t display the reserve price. For each displayed item, if the item has not been sold and the time left is greater than zero, add two buttons: Place Bid and Buy It Now button; otherwise, show either the item has been sold or the time expired.
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(Note: if you implement these two buttons under all the displayed items, then the item number is required as part of the inputs. If you choose to implement it like this, a penalty of 2 out of 72 marks will apply)
Figure 4: Auction Items for Placing Bid or Buying It Now
2) Once the Place Bid button is clicked, a pop-up window will show up to take the new bid price as input, and the bid request with the new bid price, item number and bidder’s customer id will be sent for processing. You need to check if the new bid for the item is acceptable (i.e. the new bid price is higher than the current bid price of the item and the item is not sold), and if so, update the item in the XML document with the new bid price and the new bidder’s customer id, and send back an acknowledgement “Thank you! Your bid is recorded in ShopOnline.” to the customer; otherwise send back a message “Sorry, your bid is not valid.” to the customer.
3) Once the Buy It Now button is clicked, the buy-it-now request will be sent for processing with the item number and customer id. You need to update the item in the XML document by changing the current bid price by the buy-it-now price, the bid by the customer id, and setting the status immediately to “sold”. Then you send back an acknowledgement “Thank you for purchasing this item.” to the customer.

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