8 Pages 2208 Words Project Management Plan

| May 16, 2019

Read the entire description Assessment Task 3: Open book examination, 50%, Individual I have enabled draft SafeAssign. Please use this facility to test your assessment task 2 for abnormal matching/ plagiarism levels. Academic Misconduct is a serious university offense. Using this facility is not the same as submitting your assignment. It is a tool, not the submission area for the last version of your assignment. Jacqui Goal: To demonstrate your construction of project management knowledge. The examination is an opportunity for you to demonstrate the application of key project management concepts to case studies. Product: Open book open web (OBOW) exam. Format: This is an individual assessment. The final open book open web (OBOW) exam will focus on all aspects of the course. Students will be required to focus on the application of key concepts of project management in the context of a regional project case study released for 24 hours on the last day of the course (Week 12). The OBOW exam questions will be available through Blackboard at the prescribed time. Students will then have 24 hours to upload their answers through SafeAssign. See USC Portal (Blackboard) for more information. Criteria: Advanced understanding of the project management body of knowledge, including recent developments; and capacity to apply an advanced project management body of knowledge to various situations and contexts. Generic skill assessed: Problem solving Skill assessment level: Developing The assessment comprises two parts: Part 1 – Reviewing a regional project management case study and documenting key project management concepts. Academic references from set texts are not required though appropriate industry/commercial references supporting your documentation are (Harvard style). 50 marks. Part 2 – Ten questions will be provided from which you are required to answer only two of your choice.Each answer is worth 25 marks (50 marks in total), requires a word count of 500 per answer, in-text citations and a single, combined reference list (Harvard style) extending beyond the set texts. Marking rubric: ATMC Rubric Task 3 PRM701 2018(1).docx Below are the files required for this assessment:

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