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| March 17, 2019

Objective To provide students with an opportunity to further understand developmental theory and to use research, summarizing and reflecting skills. Learning Outcomes • Gain knowledge of developmental principles, theories, concepts related to human thinking, behaviour, emotion, personality, and physical growth • Produce a clear, well-organized summary of a research article in the area of developmental psychology Assignment Directions WHAT YOU NEED AND WHERE TO GET IT 1. The research article: Find one empirical article from the list on page four of this document. To determine which article you would like to summarize go to the Bow Valley College Library Web Page. Go to the library e-resources and select LLC databases on the left hand side. You will discover an A-Z listing of the databases available. All articles on the list (see below) will be found in the PSYCLit database. Some articles are extremely difficult to summarize and some are much easier. Choose an article with interesting results and a clear method that will allow you to demonstrate that you can apply what you have learned in the lectures to new material. Papers with a single study are usually easier to summarize than multi-experiment papers. WRITING YOUR SUMMARY 1. Read the article. Identify key points: the research topic, hypotheses, what was done, the results, and how the experimenter interpreted the results. Circling these points will help you find them when you write. Do your best to understand the article. Write notes in the margin and use a highlighter to mark important sections. Talk about the article with others and see if you can explain it to somebody who has not read the paper. You are encouraged to use half the time that you plan to spend on this assignment on this step. 2. Write the summary. The summary should be a condensed version of the article rather than an article abstract. Abstracts are more concise and reflect the authors’ decisions about information that should be mentioned. Avoid “lifting” sentences or paraphrasing from the article or the abstract. Use your own words. Here is one possible plan. The suggested numbers of sentences are JUST GUIDELINES.

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