8 Pages 2155 Words Business Process Analysis & Business Process Modelling

| May 16, 2019

EPortfolio 3 Week 10: Business Process Analysis & Business Process Modelling. 5 tasks should have 1 youtube video, 1 lecture slide 1 journal published after 2013 1 relevant web site published after 2013 1 own work 1 portfolio with 3 pages – 1 page for each week as listed above containing 500 words ± 10% per week (not including references and citations) Assessment task Your portfolio should capture rich ideas, resources and innovative practice around Business Process Management within the context of the topics (Business Process Strategy & Organisational Processes and Structure, Business Process Performance Management & Business Process Management and Business Process Analysis & Business Process Modelling). To develop and write a well-informed ePortfolio, you are to conduct an Internet research on the specified ePortfolio topics. Search for items related to each ePortfolio topic. The items you may include in the portfolio could be YouTube videos, clips from lectures and/or tutorials, relevant websites and your own work that you produce in the tutorials. You should review the items you find around the specified topic and select a minimum of 5 items for each week and add them to your portfolio. To start with, you need to create a portfolio on Mahara with 3 pages (i.e. 1 page for each of the weekly topics listed above) and each page should have 5 items with a justification for each item. In the justification, firstly provide a brief summary of the chosen item and secondly outline why you chose the item i.e. why you thought the item chosen was appropriate and/or relevant to the topic. Your justification for each item should be around 100 words (100 words for each item * 5 items = 500 words on each page). Do not upload files from the Internet as you do not own copyright. If you do upload files without permission, this will be treated as plagiarism. You should provide hyperlinks to the files/webpages you refer to in your discussion. In this assessment, Harvard referencing format and citations are to be used to substantiate your justification. Refer to this guide for help with Harvard referencing.

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