8 Pages 2109 Words Mobile Web Design Skills

| March 17, 2019

You will individually create a fully complete educational (school-age) mobile game using mobile web design skills. You will submit your completed application’s project folder as a zip file.
You will also have to record a video of your completed educational game. This will be a 2-3 minute video, created in any way you choose. Your video will detail what your game does, how you created it, and the challenges faced and overcome.
This is an individual project.
Your game must have the following features to pass:
•    The game must operate correctly and adjust in size for both portrait and landscape for the following devices: 
o    Apple iPhone 6
o    Samsung Galaxy S4
o    Apple iPad
•    There must be a button to reset the game (either within the game or with Location.reload).
•    There must be your name and SID somewhere on the screen.
•    There must be at least 5 unique in-game moving objects. At least 3 of these should interact with the player (e.g. enemies, who hurt the player’s life when hit). All should be different from each other somehow (different images + different code). 
o    Note 1: these don’t have to be on the same game screen. They can be spread over different levels, for example.
o    Note 2: they don’t have to “move” per se, but something visual must change in response to an event (e.g. colour / image change).
o    Note 3: “interacting” means either a direct user event (e.g. a tap), or a game event (e.g. a collision)
•    In your project folder, a licenses.txt file in your project folder, with one item per line, as: 
o    enemy1.jpg – from http://www….. – person name – License CC BY
o    road.jpg – created by previous unit chair (using Adobe Illustrator) – screenshots of proof / raw images of road.ai in the “_sources” folder

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