8 Pages 2098 Words Leadership Management

| March 17, 2019

Essay Topic A servant leadership management style is the best approach for managing people in organisations. Discuss pros and cons of this argument. NB: To best complete this assessment, you must first read the PDF file that is posted in the assessment folder under the title “Information About Leadership”. Between 12 – 15 academic journal articles reference only acceptable. Overview Students must write an essay to discuss the pros and cons of the argument provided below before concluding and providing a recommendation. The assessment intends to test students’ ability to comprehend the materials sourced from lectures, texts and research. It also intends to improve students’ writing, analysis, and argumentation skills and add to their understanding of the applicability of organisational behaviour in the workplace. Students will be assessed on the following criteria: Research Analysis Conclusions and Recommendations  Structure  Clarity of Written Work  Presentation, Citation and Referencing Format Details about each criterion can be checked by assessing the subject outline. It is very important to note that research is a key criterion that will influence the mark you earn. Research is considered appropriate when students make their arguments by using peer-reviewed journal articles. Students will only achieve a top mark in their research component when they adequately use between twelve (12) and fifteen (15) research sources, the majority of which are journal articles. Kindly note that using WIKIPEDIA and other online encyclopedia is not allowed and may result in being given a fail grade for the essay. Important Notes  The assessment must be Harvard (Anglia) referenced, typed Arial 12 font, 1.5 spaced and delivered by using an essay structure.  Referencing is only considered adequate when the sources that are used in the work are acknowledged both in-text and in the references list at the end of the essay.  The assessment’s length is 1500 words (+/-) 10% Please do not use the textbook as a reference.

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