7 Pages 1971 Words Human Resource Management

| March 17, 2019

Assignment Task 1: Video Case Analysis [30 Marks] Review the following YouTube Links on Google and Zappos, and answer the following questions: [Zappos] Compare the employee friendly Google offices in USA, China, Brazil and Switzerland and explain how the productivity of employees at Google has improved over the years. [15 Marks] If you were an HR Consultant and asked to review the work culture at Zappos and implement similar initiatives at your organization, discuss how you would execute the task assigned to you. [15 Marks] Assignment Task 2: [20 Marks] You are assigned to design a pre-departure training program for a British family moving to UAE. Discuss the program in detail. Scenario: A British couple with two school going children is taking up an expat assignment in UAE in 6 months from now. The wife has been offered a three year senior management assignment with Zayed University in Abudhabi. Her husband is an experienced music teacher. Their two children, one boy and the other a girl, are aged 11 and 6 respectively. Assignment Task 3: [20 Marks] American Versus Japanese Human Resource Management Practices: Scenario: Mazda and Chrysler faced similar threat of bankruptcy in early 1980s. Mazda’s managers agreed to a 25% salary cut and a loss of bonuses for four years. Chrysler, in contrast, cut its blue-collar workforce by 28%, its white-collar staff by 7% and its senior executives pay by 2%. Explain the starkly different approaches of Mazda and Chrysler in light of International HR strategies? [10 Marks] Compare the cultural differences prevalent in America and Japan that may have influenced the decisions taken at Mazda and Chrysler. [10 Marks] Assignment Task 4: [30 Marks] Global Staffing Policies: Etisalat, a telecommunications company based in UAE has recently outsourced the customer service operations to Egypt. Explain the benefits of this HR initiative with respect to the major functions of Human Resource Management.

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