7 Pages 1934 Words Human Resources (HR)

| March 17, 2019

Recent decades have seen a substantial increase in the extent to which the employment relationship in the UK, Ireland and the EU is regulated through employment legislation. As a result, human resources (HR) professionals are now obliged to take account of legal requirements in different jurisdictions when carrying out many central aspects of their role. They are also obliged to take responsibility for the defence and settlement of claims lodged with employment tribunals by aggrieved employees or former employees. The purpose of this unit is to introduce the major areas of employment legislation and the employment law system, focusing in particular on ways in which day-to-day HR activities are subjected to some form of regulation. The unit is intended to provide an overview, rather than to focus in detail on the operation of speci?c employment laws, for those who need to understand and be able to evaluate emerging developments in the management of the employment relationship in local and international jurisdictions. This unit is suitable for persons who: seek to develop a career in HR management and development are working in the ?eld of HR management and development and need to extend their knowledge and skills have responsibility for implementing HR policies and strategies need to understand the role of HR in the wider organisational and environmental context. Learning outcomes On completion of this unit, learners will: Understand the purpose of employment regulation and the way it is enforced in practice. Know how to manage recruitment and selection activities lawfully. Know how to manage change and reorganisation lawfully. Know how to manage issues relating to pay and working time lawfully. Be able to ensure that staff are treated lawfully when they are at work. Know how to manage performance and disciplinary matters lawfully. PLEASE see attached all instruction and references including PDP

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